Haley Writing Solutions

Why Haley Writing Solutions?

  • A specialty CME medical writer.
  • Avoid conflict of interest issues.
  • Work with a writer who grasps the currents dynamics CME.
  • I believe in CME’s potential to improve the quality of healthcare for both clinicians and patients. Working in CME resonates with me. Whether it’s a video talking about strategies to motivate pain patients to exercise, an online program demonstrating to clinicians the need to screen for bipolar disorder in patients with depression symptoms, or a live session on implementing disease activity measures for rheumatoid arthritis to identify patients who need biologics sooner.

    In the current environment of heavy change, I see tremendous opportunities ahead. In 2010, Haley Writing Solutions niched exclusively in CME. I look forward to partnering to develop high quality, fair-balanced program content, applying the best formats and tools for adult learning, performance improvement initiatives, and disseminating the value of CME.

    Clients who are happiest with Haley Writing Solutions

    Value faculty who are satisfied with how their ideas are presented.

    Need a writer for innovative, out of the box educational formats. (I minored in studio art and take creative writing workshops every summer.)

    Value projects that run smoothly through content and accreditation reviews.

    Value a writer can “talk literature” with program faculty but also probe into the gaps that evidence-based medicine doesn’t cover.

    Value a writer who sees the big picture, recognizes patterns and trends in research whether for future program ideas or strategic analysis.

    Need a writer with international experience. (I lived in Canada for 2 years and frequently write CME for Canadian physicians.)